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Digital Strategy

Four Effective Strategies for Generating Leads with Digital Marketing

How can you bring in new business? It’s a question businesses have to constantly ask themselves. You want to reach new customers, but how are you even supposed to identify prospects, let alone reach...

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Four ways to generate leads through digital marketing
Content Marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing for Business Success

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote “content is king”. Time has shown how right he was. The internet provided endless space to publish content, and in this digital world, content marketing is a key strategy...

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Why content marketing is essential for business success
Code Milk Insights

Boost your marketing with AI

In recent months, it has felt like AI has been everywhere. 

Jokes, essays and poems generated by OpenAI’s sophisticated chatbot, Chat GPT-3 made headlines. Instagram feeds were overrun with uncanny...

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How can AI take your marketing to the next level?
Content Marketing

Tailor content for each stage of the B2B marketing funnel

One major difference between B2B and B2C marketing is thatB2B marketing typically comes with longer sales cycles. MarketingCharts.com has reported that three-quarters (74.6%) of B2B sales to new...

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Email Marketing

Growing Your Business with Automated Email Marketing

Email is an almost universal channel. There are over4 billion daily email users.That is half the world’s population. If you can get your head around that staggering number, you can start to see why...

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How to grow your business with automated email marketing
Social Media

Starting Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Social media is a crucial part of modern marketing in which all businesses should invest. Social media marketing is important fordeveloping brand awareness, customer service, and increasingly,...

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How to get started with your B2B social media strategy
Social Media

Six reasons to get your brand on TikTok

In the last few years, no social media platform has received the buzz that TikTok has. 

The standout success of recent years, TikTok has exploded in popularity to become thedefining social media...

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6 Reasons your brand should be on TikTok
Code Milk Insights

Code Milk's 2023 B2B Marketing Predictions

The job of a marketer is always changing. Markets shift, new trends emerge, and buying habits become unrecognisable if you’re not keeping up. This pace of change is what makes marketing challenging...

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Code Milk’s B2B marketing predictions for 2023
Marketing Tools

Nine Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for Immediate Impact

Technology is transforming our world. We live, work, learn, shop, chat and play online, as well as in the physical world. And as time goes on, our lives are blending more and more seamlessly with...

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9 essential digital marketing tools you should start using yesterday

Five strategies to enhance your Google Search presence

All business owners dream of their company’s web page ranking as the top result on Google. Over the last 20 years, Google has become the world’s portal for information, the one place everyone goes to...

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5 ways to avoid ending up in the Google Search abyss
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