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Understanding Google’s Cookie Phase-Out

Third-party cookies have been part of web browsing for almost three decades, with companies using cookies to track users’ website activities and to create better online experiences. However, as of...

Illustration depicting cookies fading away, symbolising the impact of Google’s cookie phase-out on digital marketing strategies.
Digital Strategy

A Guide to Personalisation in B2B Marketing

When it comes to B2B marketing, personalisation is one of the most important factors to include within your strategy. Tailoring marketing efforts to individual business clients is not merely a trend...

Digital Strategy

Overcoming 5 Common Tech Marketing Challenges

Working within the B2B tech industry comes with many positives and can be incredibly rewarding. From offering niche services, to implementing new, innovative products, your hard work helps better the...

Common tech marketing challenges
Code Milk Insights

Code Milk’s 10 best practices and tips for Tech & IT marketing:

Within the Tech & IT industry, it can be difficult to communicate your value to buyers, create appealing content, and stand out from the competition. 

Digital Strategy

Streamline your Marketing with Automation

B2B marketing automation refers to the processes and practices that a company can adopt to improve their marketing efforts. It’s put in place to simplify repetitive tasks through the use of...

Save time and Scale with Marketing Automation
Code Milk Insights

Boost your marketing with AI

In recent months, it has felt like AI has been everywhere. 

Jokes, essays and poems generated by OpenAI’s sophisticated chatbot, Chat GPT-3 made headlines. Instagram feeds were overrun with uncanny...

How can AI take your marketing to the next level?
Code Milk Insights

Code Milk's 2023 B2B Marketing Predictions

The job of a marketer is always changing. Markets shift, new trends emerge, and buying habits become unrecognisable if you’re not keeping up. This pace of change is what makes marketing challenging...

Code Milk’s B2B marketing predictions for 2023
Digital Strategy

7 Essential B2B Digital Marketing KPIs for 2022

As you begin to start planning for 2023, you’re likely to be setting company goals and targets. And with this, you may also be thinking about evaluating the success and progress of the goals you set. 

7 B2B digital marketing KPIS you need to track in 2022
Code Milk Insights

Discover Code Milk: Unveiling Our Story

Welcome to Code Milk, a full-service agency that supports B2B businesses across all their digital activity. 

We’re a fun group of creatives, marketeers, strategists and developers based in the heart...

Get to know Code Milk