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Tech & IT marketing: Code Milk’s 10 best practices and tips

Within the Tech & IT industry, it can be difficult to communicate your value to buyers, create appealing content, and stand out from the competition. 

The industry is evolving at a fast and constant pace, making it challenging for marketers to communicate and attract the right customers, as their needs, concerns and interests are evolving too. To point you in the right direction, we’ve collated 10 tips to give you insights, guidance and strategies into effectively marketing your products or services.


To understand your audience effectively, you can create the likes of a customer profile, so you know who your ideal customers are, their needs, and purchasing decisions. Check out our blog, ‘Identifying your B2B profile to increase ROI’, to discover everything you need to know about customer profiles and the benefits it can bring your business. By understanding the type of customers who need your products or services, you can address their pain points and needs, and resonate with them through your brand messaging.



A value proposition allows you to tell your story, show why you’re different and what your business is capable of. With one centric message that can be used both internally and externally, you can clearly define your business’ value.


Another important practice to draw in your customers is your B2B content creation. You should build your brand around what your customers are searching for and engaging with. With the likes of customer profiles, it helps you understand exactly who your customer is, what their pain points are and what they’re looking for, which will allow you to develop high-quality tech content that educates, informs and engages them.


SEO can help increase organic traffic and rankings, boost credibility, and give you a competitive advantage. With a solid SEO plan in place, you can ensure your content ranks well, use relevant keywords, and create content that answers common industry questions. To understand how to approach optimisation that’ll best serve your business, check out our blog, ‘5 strategic SEO insights every B2B business should know’.


You should leverage social media where you can connect with your customers, share meaningful and valuable content, and position your brand as a thought leader to expand your reach. Particularly on the platforms where your audience is most active. 


To ensure your business is trustworthy, customers and prospects often look for reviews. Whether it’s getting your business ranked on a peer-to-peer website, or asking your most satisfied clients for a review, showcasing positive feedback, case studies and genuine testimonials builds trust. 


An email campaign, such as a lead nurturing campaign, allows you to build or maintain a relationship with a prospect or existing customer. Whether it’s sharing valuable tech content, product updates or special offers, it’s a great way to keep your audience engaged.


When a customer or prospect is browsing your website, it’s important to make it a user-friendly experience, as a streamlined process will increase loyalty and brand satisfaction. Alongside SEO, your website should look professional, be mobile friendly, fast, efficient, accessible, and secure. 


Whether it’s on socials or in person, you should engage in conversations with customers, prospects, and industry influencers, and build relationships with other businesses and complimentary service providers. You can do this by participating in the likes of webinars and conferences, or contributing your thoughts to reputable publications.


It’s important you set clear marketing goals and track your KPIs. As we’re close to 2024, this could be a good opportunity to evaluate goals and targets, and refine your B2B strategy using your data. Unsure on what you should be tracking? Check out our blog, which tells you all about the digital marketing KPIs you should be tracking and how you can use the results to elevate your business. 

What is it your business needs to improve on? Whether it’s digital marketing tactics, website development or utilising tech, Code Milk is a full-service B2B digital marketing agency that can help businesses like yours with strategies and solutions to achieve success. To find out more about what we do, explore our services to see how we can help you.