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Test, Optimise, Repeat


Increase in clicks in Google search results


Test, Optimise, Repeat


Increase in clicks in Google search results


Intelygenz, an A.I. software development company founded in Spain in 2002, wanted to enhance their inbound marketing to increase brand's visibility in the US. Intelygenz wanted to become a reference for A.I. process automation, and were looking for a full-service marketing agency to develop a robust strategy and manage inbound marketing activity, while also supporting future prospects with their sales team.

Developing quality content with strategy at the foundations - we showcased Intelygenz's field expertise, focussing on SEO and engagement on digital channels to build awareness and brand credibility in a highly competitive industry.


Strategy developed for the US Market


Brand & website development


SEO strategy & implementation


Creating & optimising content


About Intelygenz

Based in offices across Spain and the USA, Intelygenz creates cutting edge A.I. enabled process automation solutions and transformative digital products. The team merges the worlds of A.I. and process automation and gives business solutions that surface invisible patterns and optimal processes.

Intelygenz empowers businesses globally, helping them do more with less, efficiently grow, and gain a competitive edge - teaching them how to learn, predict and take action to capitalise on existing assets and drive change.


From Spain to San Francisco

Well established in their field in the European market, Intelygenz were starting to penetrate the US market and needed help increasing brand visibility in a thriving, continuously evolving industry.

At the time, Intelygenz had a small online presence that had grown organically thanks to referrals and PR. But they had no historical data, analytics, strategy, personas, or value proposition, which meant they were struggling to pitch to prospects all of their successful projects with global organisations over the last 15 years.

While we needed to start by building the brand story that sets them apart from other US A.I. companies, we also had to develop their website, case studies and quality collateral for the sales team.


An endless desire to enhance knowledge

With an internal culture of experimentation that underpins everything they do, Intelygenz were keen to test multiple approaches across a variety of channels to maximise their learning and enhance efficiency.

Intelygenz came to Code Milk for a high-touch marketing relationship that would see them through their brand reposition. They wanted an agency with a flexible framework that could address their ambitious goals, adopt quickly to the regular shifts in priorities, and offer transparent and fluid communication, as their teams were based over multiple continents.

We developed a communication plan which considered different time zones, preferred ways of working, and a hybrid approach by working between emails, calls and Slack to ensure everyone on the Intelygenz team understood our time-proven methods and the metrics we measured to progress towards their goals. As HubSpot Partners, we maximised efficiency by automating workflows and generating insightful data and reports. Just like Intelygenz do with each client project, we were able to extract value from every single approach.


Quality content with strategy at the foundation

With our number one goal being to grow brand awareness and credibility in the US market, we started by performing a marketplace analysis that would inform the brand direction, website and marketing. We strengthened the brand's identity and positioning that showcased the company's unique culture, created a messaging framework that articulated their service values and developed a new customer-centric website.

Our ongoing efforts went into developing quality content built upon strategy, focusing on SEO and engagement on digital channels to build awareness and brand credibility to support the business and other tactics used for lead generation.

The content development process for case studies was a truly collaborative project. We dove deep into complex projects with their clients and turned this information into success stories that articulate the technical and business value that Intelygenz’s marketing and sales team can use to build trust and credibility with leads and convert.

Alongside our always-on activity and content creation efforts over the course of two years, we tested multiple tactics to maximise learnings and refine our data-driven strategy.


Rolling out a full SEO plan to improve organic search visibility

We completed a comprehensive SEO audit to diagnose technical issues that might be causing low search visibility.

With several low-quality backlinks site-wide that were suppressing Intelygenz’s credibility and authority signals for search, we disavowed them to quickly improve the brand’s visibility.

We concentrated backlinking efforts on their conversion-focussed pages, driving qualified leads directly from discovery to sales – increasing online lead generation.

We found an opportunity to make the brand strong with business-related keyword ranking. To achieve this, we discovered their niche to lead the market by repositioning their proposition around ‘A.I. enabled process automation’.

Running campaigns to address various marketing priorities

  • A lead generation campaign, ‘A.I. for Retail. Decoded’, targeting the retail sector.

  • An ABM campaign on LinkedIn to engage with hyper-targeted accounts.

  • A PR campaign to promote Intelygenz’s nomination as industry innovator.

  • A social campaign to drive awareness of Intelygenz’s new value proposition.


Continuously testing multiple approaches

We produced creative concepts, content themes and formats for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and their blog.

We explored various routes for content distribution including Medium and backlinking.

Our ‘test fast, learn fast’ approach let us identify LinkedIn as the biggest opportunity, and focused our efforts on activity that drove the highest return for marketing and sales, and SEO was a prime weapon to improve ranking further and gain market share in the industry.

We developed 18 case studies to support the sales team, publishing them to the website to help drive conversion and entice new business.

Our continuous SEO efforts, tailored blog and website content, leveraged partnerships with influential industry leaders.

Query monitoring saw a shift in ranking for terms like ‘Automated ticket resolution’ and ‘Ticket resolution’. Their position on the SERPs improved by 77% since early 2020,  to 6th position on average globally – placing Intelygenz as a highly skilled industry leader. 

Producing first-time collateral

Intelygenz grew a number of lead generation offers to increase the website’s conversion rate.

We helped Intelygenz publish their first downloadable eBook, case study, animated video, webinar, company playbook, CSR material and more.

Intelygenz earned a spot on the first page of Google Search....

They earned a spot on the first page on Google Search for ‘automated ticket resolution’ and ‘ticket resolution’, and had 1,853 reads in year 1 Medium readership. Intelygenz was also IDC Innovator in 2021 and helped elevate US Telco partner MetTel to be named a leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant.
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increase in social following


increase in impressions


increase in clicks in Google search results


reads in year 1 Medium readership


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