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​​Email marketing is a highly effective way of communicating with your customers. It allows you to create highly tailored content by utilising previous purchases or enquiry information to deliver only the most relevant and engaging content right into your buyer’s inbox.

At Code Milk we build your email lists by also segmenting and targeting users. We use efficient and proven on-page tactics to increase the number of subscribers in your mailing list and improve your email open and click rates. With targeted, personalised email journeys powered by CRM data, email triggers and automated workflows, we nurture your leads to turn them into loyal customers.

We’ll also set criteria to split out users into smaller segments so your communications are more relevant to your target audience.

Our services include:

  • Creating an email marketing strategy
  • Customer list Building
  • Data segmentation
  • Workflow setup
  • Email automation
  • Campaign management

Start nurturing your leads on the most universal digital channel.