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How SEO enhances your brand's online visibility

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the practice or process of boosting your ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages). And it plays an integral role in the online visibility of your business.

Here’s three key reasons why:


The higher up your brand website is in the rankings on SERPs, the better, and the lower down it is in the rankings, the lower your online visibility is. In fact, 90% of users don’t go past the first page of Google.

If you’re struggling, there are a few ways you can improve your rankings. One of which is to relate the keywords you're using in your website to the search terms customers are putting into search engines. Another important factor to note is that Google ranks web pages, rather than websites as a whole, so ensure your pages offer real value. Avoid keyword-stuffing too, as Google’s algorithms look out for and penalise people as a result. 

It can be a tough world out there, especially depending on who you’re competing against to rank higher. To avoid falling in rankings and for some top tips on how to get started with SEO, check out our blog, 5 ways to avoid ending up in the Google Search abyss.


By driving up the search rankings, you can drive up the amount of organic traffic coming to your website. Not only does this improve your visibility, it generates leads, builds an audience, increases engagement and industry authority, and from a budgeting point of view, reduces advertising costs. 

One of the best ways to drive organic traffic is by ensuring your content is appealing and meaningful. You need to understand your users’ intent. People are being more precise than ever now with what they’re searching for, so by understanding your user, what their goal is and giving them the answer or resource they need, it’ll help you rank higher and in turn, drive organic traffic to your website. 


SEO can also enhance your credibility with a range of things such as link building. These are important as Google ‘crawls’ web pages for content and uses the links to find more pages. You can do this by adding relevant internal links from page to page within your website, or by linking blogs and socials, etc. Another way to enhance credibility is through backlinks (also known as ‘inbound’ or ‘external’ links). Web pages have more authority on Google if other well-regarded web pages link to them. The more links, and the higher quality, the better – giving you a competitive advantage as customers see you in the top results of Google.  

When you make SEO a priority, this also enhances your credibility. Monitoring SEO lets you know where you need to improve and analyse your approach to move your business forward. You can do this through tools such as Google Analytics 4 or SEMRush, which can give you an insight into your website performance and how users engage with it. Useful functionalities include engagement rate, user engagement, engaged sessions, average engagement, and average engagement time per session. For more tools and tips on measuring your business metrics, check out our blog, How can your business measure the success of your SEO strategy?

With many factors to consider when approaching the topic of SEO, it can be difficult to know whether your efforts in SEO are benefiting your business, or sometimes where to even begin on your SEO journey. At Code Milk, we take a number of approaches to ensure all SEO fundamentals are addressed and help you plan ahead to adapt and grow your website and online visibility over time. For more information, learn more about our services and see what our digital marketing agency can do for you today.